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Open Air vs Enclosed

You’ll probably be familiar with the traditional enclosed setup, bet you're wondering what even is an open air photobooth?

To put it simply an open air photobooth allows the user to be out in the open, with no walls. The booth isn’t really a booth in the normal sense, its actually allows photos to be taken from a distance and with no space restrictions.

A classic booth structure, requires you to climb inside and close a curtain behind you, other guests can't see what goes on inside, so miss out of the hilarity of the props and poses. The open air booth, creates a focal point to the event, and a source of entertainment.

Benefits to an Open Air Booth

They take up far less space, 2.5m x 2.5m to be precise, open air photo booths can get into places that traditional booths can’t.

Does your venue have an awkward access, or need to be placed in a tight corner? Open air booths are perfect for situations like this. Open air booths can fit LOADS of people in (6-8 adults comfortably), but our record has be 13! It means that no one misses out on a group shot! Something not always possible for an enclosed booth, is being wheelchair accessible. Meaning everyone can be involved in the fun of a photobooth! An enclosed booth often has a standard background, however open air photobooths allow you to choose any backdrop you want! Perhaps you'd like to use your venues brick wall as a feature? But if you don’t have a background available, just use one of ours!


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