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Why Photobooths are better than selfies

It's easy to spot anyone and everyone taking selfie’s nowadays. Whether they're at a party subtly turning the camera on themselves, or posing in a larger group shot, selfies seem to be the go to way of photographing at events. However with this relatively new convenient way of snapping portraits of yourself, it come with lots of difficulties too.

Here are 5 reasons why Photobooths will always be better than a selfie!

Photobooths provide high quality images, often with a state of the art camera, printer and studio professional lighting. Unless you find the perfect spot at a venue for lighting then it can often be tough to get this outcome.

While you can quickly upload your selfies from your phone to your preferred social media platform, it is also just as simple to use the Photobooth social media touch screen to upload too.

Print outs are the perfect keepsake for guests. There isn’t a quick option available when you take a selfie, so it remains on your mobile phone. Often this can only be printed at a photo processing kiosk, or sent off to an online service.

Photobooth pictures last a lifetime, whilst selfies are short lived! They are instantly touch dry, waterproof and easy to take away.

Selfie’s don’t come with customisable or colourful backdrops perfect for the occasion. The backdrops used with Photobooth creates a fantastic background for the shot, that isn’t shiny or badly lit.


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