Why Photobooths are here to stay!

The first enclosed photobooth was buit in 1925, when it's inventor Anatol Josepho debuted it in New York. During it's first 6 months, over 280,000 people came to use it! Since then, photo booths have been incredibly popular. From 2005 to 2012, photobooth hire was searched for online more than for wedding DJs! Here’s why we think the Photobooth isn't just a fad. Even though almost any device can take your photo, it's all about the experience. Photobooths can bring back memorie

Open Air vs Enclosed

You’ll probably be familiar with the traditional enclosed setup, bet you're wondering what even is an open air photobooth? To put it simply an open air photobooth allows the user to be out in the open, with no walls. The booth isn’t really a booth in the normal sense, its actually allows photos to be taken from a distance and with no space restrictions. A classic booth structure, requires you to climb inside and close a curtain behind you, other guests can't see what goes on