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Booth Loving...

Launched in 2017, Boothomatic has been many years in the making.

We pride ourselves on not looking like every other company out there, our booth is impactful and easy on the eye, we care about the details, and our booth reflects that promise.


We understand what people want from our service, having tried numerous below average photobooths over the years, and we don’t disappoint, our style speaks for itself!

Graphic Designers by day, and booth attendants by night, our goal is to capture a memory that lasts a lifetime and an image that you can share forever!


Truly providing the wow factor to any occasion and venue, made form oak and plywood and finished with beautiful curved edges, you can’t miss it!

WE ARE…Creative 
WE ARE…Innovative
WE ARE…Nostalgic dreamers
WE ARE…List makers
WE ARE…Crowd pleasers

WE ARE…Sleep deprived

WE ARE…Still smiling

WE ARE…All about…

‘Doing what you love, and loving what you do!’
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