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We've all been there. Weddings that lack a certain sparkle. Work do's that

are straight-up cringe. Parties and events that feel more like punishments than celebrations. 

Want your event to feel more like you - fun, friendly, and a little bit adventurous. Forget the school disco DJ, irritating MC and super long speeches ... You want frolics, whimsy and a dash of sass.

Love making memories, cherish those friendships and want your wedding or eve.nt to reflect your distinctive style and personality? I thrive on quality and attention to detail. If that sounds like you, then Boothomatic is the perfect addition to your celebration. 

‘Doing what you love, and loving what you do!’
Say sayonara to samey

When I set up Boothomatic, I was so bored of going to cookie-cutter weddings and dull-as-dishwater work events. I wanted to bring some joy and laughter to events that can get a little repetitive. No one likes repetitive. 

At Boothomatic, I make sure my business stands out from the crowd. I'm a graphic designer by day, so you could say I have a thing for things that look good. That's why the Boothomatic photobooth is visually gorgeous, and has been meticulously designed with every possible convenient feature in mind.


Crafted from oak and plywood, with a nostalgic vibe thanks to its stunning design, Boothomatic's good looks will win you - and your event guests - over. 

On a mission 

Boothomatic was established in 2017, so I have many years' experience in helping make weddings, grad balls and corporate gatherings magical. My original mission still stands: to capture memories that last a lifetime and create images you'll treasure forever ... And have plenty of fun while doing it! 

At Boothomatic, we believe in celebrating love and friendship through unforgettable moments and stunning visuals. Let me help you make your celebration as unique d special as you are! 

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