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Luxury Photobooth Experience 


Other photobooth companies might do what we do,
but let’s be honest, they’re not the best looking!

Our luxury booth is sleek and stylish with a vintage feel. Lovingly hand crafted by 
master furniture warriors, with state of the art cameras and printers giving the best 
quality prints that will last for years!

Our easy to set up booth means we can pop up anywhere we need to,

and you can fit a bunch of your friends in with plenty of room for funny poses!

The booth’s subtle wooden design means we suit almost every venue and location going, totally self contained – with a touch-screen display, printer, a huge light for absolutely flawless faces and a prop box for extra fun!

In Glorious Technicolour

Prints are set in 6 x 4” format, available with 1 or 4 unique images, instantly touch dry and waterproof. Another option is the traditional photobooth strip, divided instantly for guests to share.


Your guests can visit and take away handfuls of colour or black and white prints during the hire time, available within seconds. What makes them even more special is the never fading quality, a perfect keepsake. Personalise them with a unique message, logo or thank you to double as gift.


Uniquely designed to complement the booth and a variety of venues. Choose between the rustic turquoise wooden wall, or the white chevron and burlap canvas display. Or a natural background from your venue.


Our tin storage box is packed to the rafters with quirky and original photobooth props to create the funniest shots!


View all of the events photos within 3 working days on a password protected gallery. Ideal for guests to download extra copies should they wish to enlarge or share.


What makes us unique, is our emphasis on social media, share things instantly through our booth! Our touch-screen options allow you to send your snap as a hi-res image to your social media and email accounts so you can #grinandshareit straight away and avoid those dodgy phone camera duplicates.


Included in wedding package, an ideal way to walk away with a keepsake of the event without waiting for the digital copies in the post. We can print an extra copy for the book, while your guest keep the other. Assembling the images and ensuring your guests leave messages to accompany their photos.


Digital copies of all the photo booth prints are provided on a wooden USB stick, printable up to a 6 x 4″ size.

"We are over the moon with it, everyone is loving it! Thank you so much, all the staff and everyone think it is brilliant."


York College

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